We are responsible for the best Dominican chocolate, tree to bar

Join us in our chocolate adventure made with the best and finest cacao of the entire Dominican Republic



We started our adventure in our cacao farm in Miches, Dominican Republic. We set out to make delicious Dominican chocolate using the products of our lush island. Cacaoteca’s chocolates are made using Dominican cacao and are crafted in Santo Domingo, controling every step of the way from tree to bar. After a long experience in european chocolate making, we can proudly say that we have found the perfect combination of passion, expertise and raw materials. Our goal is to make each of our chocolates a unique experience while making our island a fairer place, one chocolate bar at a time.



32% Pure White

Sweet to its point, with a touch of milk and vanilla.

Ingredients: cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithin,

36% Milk Creamy

You will feel the creaminess! A bar made to highlight all the flavors of whole milk. The delicate aromas of cocoa balance the natural sweetness of the milk.

Ingredients: cocoa grunt, milk powder, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin.


51% Dark Milky

The milk is added in the exact amount to awaken the palate, creating a sweet but intense chocolate in cocoa flavor.

Ingredients:  cocoa grunt, milk powder, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin

63% Dark Soft

Our 63% is made to be delicate and velvety. It is the perfect bar for those who start with dark chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa grunt, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin


78% Dark Intense

Complex and subtle, all the aromas of the cocoa are perceived in this dark chocolate, it is pure caocoa with a touch of sugar. That’s all!

Ingredients: cocoa grunt, cane sugar, cocoa butter.


84% Solidarity Bar

Inside this box you’ll find a smile and a nice thought to sweeten your day. Each bar provides income to improve the life of each member of the community of El Arca Foundation in Santo Domingo.

Ingredients: cocoa grunt, cane sugar



To me, Cacaoteca is the product of a great idea and the best materials. The standard of human quality the company holds itself up to is what allows for it to deliver great chocolate.

Erika Batista Director at The Family Paris

Each bite is a trip through the cacao farms. The complexity of the flavours as well as the company’s commitment to elevate chocolate quality in the country has changed the way I see chocolate forever.

Coral De Camps CEO Gente de la Isla







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Santo Domingo, República Dominicana